CBD And The Benefits For Cats

Research has come quite far in its investigation into the medicinal properties of CBD. From providing relief from pain to acting as a poignant stress buster, CBD has proven itself to be extremely beneficial. As a pet owner, you have probably come across articles and advertisements that push forth the idea of using CBD products for your pet cat. Your initial reaction may understandably range between surprise to pure disbelief but fear not! This article covers a wide range of benefits that CBD offers cats as well as dispels any fears you may be holding about the consequences of using these products.

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Understanding what CBD is.

Your first reaction to treating your cat with CBD products could be a negative one. In most cases, this is because most people visualize a cat on psychoactive drugs – high. This result is not the case with CBD products.
Cannabis consists of two main compounds – cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD or cannabidiol is a part of cannabis that provides all the advantages of the drug without causing the high associated with the same. THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. The Indica strain of cannabis usually contains a higher percentage of THC than CBD. In contrast, the Sativa strain consists of higher levels of CBD. Studies have observed that CBD products help relieve inflammation, pain, and anxiety in humans. While there are not a lot of studies on the impact of CBD on cats, it can be assumed that the effects will be similar.

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When should you try CBD products on your cat?

⦁ CBD to combat age-related diseases.
A study found that 61 percent of cats older than five years have arthritis in at least one joint. Older cats are more likely to experience overall arthritis. This condition could lead to pain, energy loss, and general unpleasantness in the cat.
CBD is a known anti-inflammatory agent. Not only can it reduce inflammation, but it can also relieve pain caused by the condition.

⦁ Alleviate stress
If your cat displays signs of aggression, poor eating, and grooming habits, it is probably experiencing stress. Changes in the surroundings, territorial behaviors, and other health issues can create an extremely stressful living environment in your pet’s life. Using CBD products can help reduce the stress your cat is facing.
CBD targets the receptors in the brain that are responsible for secreting the stress hormone – cortisol. By moderating its secretion, CBD helps boost one’s mood and reduce anxiety and stress.

⦁ Boost appetite
A large number of diseases can cause your cat to lose its appetite. With the loss in appetite comes symptoms of fatigue, irritability, and an overall decrease in your cat’s health. CBD can boost appetite. While you look for the cause of your cat’s loss of appetite, you can use CBD products to keep your cat eating on time. Combined with the ability to reduce inflammation and boost mood, using CBD to boost appetite can help your cat recover from all the symptoms of an underlying disease.

⦁ Target epileptic seizures
Cats are not immune to epilepsy and their seizures. High electrochemical pulses in the brain can cause a seizure. According to a study conducted by the American Epilepsy Society, CBD can decrease both the frequency and severity of a seizure. If your cat does suffer from epilepsy, you can use CBD products to help ease their discomfort and pain.

Where do you find safe CBD products?
The FDA has no strict regulations regarding the production of CBD. Hence, you could fall prey to bad quality CBD products that are present on the market. You could obtain your supply from online cbd marketplace shops and buy weed online. Things you should consider when buying CBD products are whether they are natural and well-tested products from certified sellers. If the CBD product is not natural, herbicides and pesticides used on it could cause severe problems with your cat. When buying a product, also make sure that the percentage of CBD is the amount you require for your cat.

Choosing the right CBD dosage for your cat
According to Honest Paws, the dosage required by a cat depends on the weight of the cat. For instance, the average dosage required by a cat to treat arthritis or seizures is 0.5 milligrams per kilogram of the weight of your pet. The most common reason for the negative side effects of CBD is administering the wrong dosage. If your cat does show symptoms such as sedation, decrease or stop the treatment immediately.

Remember, every cat is different. While you can use the above information as a starting point, it is essential you consult a veterinarian before beginning a CBD based treatment for your pet. The near future will witness more research into the beneficial properties of CBD for animals and will hopefully standardize the process of such treatment.


Written by: Jessica Smith

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