How Cannabis Massage May Help People With Multiple Sclerosis

The medical benefits of cannabis are increasingly growing in popularity. Just the other day, marijuana legality remained a mystery. Today, with the legal compliance and permission already available, individuals are now looking and studying marijuana to discover all of its benefits. One of these is the cannabis massage and how it may help people with multiple sclerosis.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a medical condition that results in continuous degeneration of your body’s central nervous system. As a result, it impacts on the human body vary extensively depending on the individual. Statistics indicate that more than a million people have Multiple sclerosis in the US alone.

The medical condition tampers with your immune system causing damage to your body cells. The condition has no available cure, and patients have to learn how to manage it to live a healthy life. Still, they suffer different symptoms that might be too intensive in their effects. Regular prescriptions aim at reducing this intensity and slow down its developmental process.

How can Cannabis help with Multiple Sclerosis?

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Cannabis has a unique interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoid receptors improve the communication between different presynaptic neurons, increasing its production levels through present receptors in the skin. The aim is to ensure the body retains its balance by improving cellular balance and homeostasis. If you need more information on cannabis and its benefits and functionalities, visit Herbonaut.

Cannabis might replace the low levels of anandamide in patients with this medical condition. Low levels damage the transmission signals in the nervous system. The endocannabinoid limits the possible effects of different messages coming from the nervous system.



Here is how Cannabis Massage helps combat Multiple Sclerosis:

1. Helps Limit Frequency of Muscle Spasms

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It is a symptom of medical sclerosis that results in loss of muscle control. A patient experiences stiffness in the muscles, which can result in severe pain. In turn, the pain may limit your ability to walk or move any of your body parts. Thus, you continuously experience being out of balance.

Continuous pain and inability to complete your daily activities result in stress, depression, and even anxiety. A person may even suffer from sleep deprivation due to overthinking. Also, medications often have side effects and can be toxic.

Studies indicate that using marijuana slows down the frequency of muscle spasms. Using cannabis-infused massage oil brings cannabis in contact with the body. The nutrients present penetrate deep into the skin during the massage. In combination with the oral intake of marijuana and its compounds, you can gain relief from muscle spasms within a short while. Besides, they might experience less pain; their sleep patterns can improve, and so does their overall health status.


2. Can Help Prevent Brain Inflammation

Multiple sclerosis results in an individual’s immune system attacking the protective feature in the neurons. As a result, it causes inflammation inside the brain. The swelling is responsible for the continuous degeneration of brain cells, which in turn leads to the poor performance of the central nervous system.

Cannabis Massage May Help People With Multiple Sclerosis with quick and effective relief of these symptoms. Cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that aim at lifting the inflammation occurring in the brain. It boasts an individual’s immune system and deactivates cytokine, the protein responsible for inflammation.

Massaging the cannabinoids deep into the body brings them into contact with the receptors in the skin. Therefore, you deliver all the benefits of cannabis and at the same time, help fight other skin conditions such as acne. Besides, marijuana is full of omega 3s, 6 and 9, which aid in proper brain development, healing, and health.


3. Helps manage body pain

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In the past, itching, muscle numbness, and other sensory factors, such as tingling and irritation, were the only symptoms of multiple sclerosis. However, pain is a significant symptom that continues to linger even with other symptoms. Illness prevents proper body functionality, which can be disturbing and crippling for many.

Cannabis can help alleviate chronic pain. It can limit the production of brain chemicals associated with an individual’s feelings of pain. Besides, it can help in eliminating discomfort and inflammation.

Cannabis helps in fighting pain for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, including multiple sclerosis and even cancer. It is a natural alternative that delivers relief with no severe side effects. Using cannabis can enable you to manage pain.


4. Treats anxiety and Depression

When suffering from multiple sclerosis, it is difficult to control your mood and bring a balance. Statistics indicate that individuals suffering from MS are more likely to get anxiety attacks and suffer from depression. The continuous inflammation in the brain often affects other areas of the brain, which results in intensive mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

Cannabis can help combat mood swings, offers relief from depression and anxiety. It can even relieve the brain from inflammation. It induces euphoria, an effect that brings calmness to an individual by eliminating any thoughts of worry and suffering. Studies indicate that cannabinoids interact with the brain’s limbic and emotional systems to induce peace, helping you relax.


5. Aids in relaxation and quality sleep

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MS prevents an individual from experiencing quality sleep. The continuous spasms and other symptoms also have adverse effects on a person’s health and mental status. Finding a way to relax and relieve stress can help in restoring a regular life pattern for MS patients.

Cannabis can help individuals relax and achieve relief from stress. Massaging the oil on the skin is relaxing as it helps your muscles relax as well. Besides, it can relieve any form of tension and heal you from inside. As a result, the massage often rejuvenates and refreshes your whole body.

The cannabinoids are also essential in inducing sleep. They slow down your heart rate, can promote a relaxing stance with high levels of calmness, and you drift to sleep slowly. It ensures you sleep through all stages, and you wake up refreshed.



Cannabis Massage May Help People With Multiple Sclerosis significantly in their treatment. However, seek professional advice before attempting to use medical marijuana for your MS or any other medical condition. Thus, you get to use the right cannabis strain for your MS, know the correct dosage, and limit possible side effects.

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