Breaking Down Biases About CBD

If you’re interested in cannabidiol (CBD) oil, chances are good that you’ve read quite a few opinions about its use. There are many myths that abound when it comes to how CBD might affect users and the side effects they can expect to experience. Unfortunately, many of these misconceptions can discourage people from using an oil that could significantly help them in different aspects of their life. Let’s break down some of the more common biases about CBD and look at how the oil might actually affect you.

MYTH: CBD Has No Benefits

Perhaps one of the most egregious myths about CBD oil is that it has no beneficial use. Some people believe that there is no reason to use the oil, in other words, because it doesn’t offer any concrete benefits (probably because people can’t feel any psychoactive effects so they assume it isn’t working). In reality, CBD offers a host of important advantages to users. CBD can help reduce stress, enhance focus, reduce risk of diabetes and obesity, help brain health, relieve pain and help you get better sleep at night.  It’s even been backed by science!


MYTH: CBD Makes You Too Tired

Perhaps the most prevalent myth about CBD oil is that it makes users too tired. People tend to believe that if you use it, you’ll become lethargic and be more likely to take a nap than you would be productive. The truth is that CBD can be used to promote sleep, especially for people who suffer from pain and nighttime discomfort, but it won’t exhaust you.  It does not induce drowsiness, in other words, and you can use it quite safely even if you have things to get done during the day. Taken in excess, CBD could have more powerful effects. Be sure to understand which dosage works best for you.


MYTH: CBD Makes You Lazy

In the same vein as the myth above, some people believe that CBD makes you lazy. This is likely because they also believe that CBD oil makes you sleepy. Individuals who confuse marijuana with CBD will also often believe that using the oil will make you lethargic like the plant itself might. That is not the case. If you’re hoping to improve your productivity, in fact, CBD oil might be a great option for you. It helps remove some of the external factors that worry you and can lead to procrastination. Stress levels, for example, are often lowered when using CBD oil. This, in turn, helps you focus on your activities and feel better about your work, leading to more motivation and increased output.


MYTH: CBD Makes You Gain Weight

Another prevalent myth about CBD is that it makes you hungry. People tend to believe this myth because marijuana, CBD’s derivative, is infamous for making users crave snacks. The same is absolutely not true about the oil. CBD oil, as briefly mentioned above, actually compliments workouts and helps you do more while feeling better. It can also bring you the calm you need to get into slower exercise routines like yoga. You may end up more likely to lose weight when using CBD oil than you are to gain it.


Written by: Laurie Larson

Laurie Larson is a freelance writer who writes on home, health, and lifestyle topics. She hopes her writing can help encourage others to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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