A Heated Conflict

For many guests here at The Coffee Joint, accessibility is key. The challenge in providing a licensed consumption facility is combustion; due to the Indoor Clean Air Act, The Coffee Joint is required to keep open flames at bay with Electric Nails and handheld vaporization solutions. Aside from the health benefits, dodging the flame can be more efficient and there are many paths one can take.

710 Life Electronic Nail Set

The Coffee Joint currently recommends supplying your own oil rig for consumption while we set you up with anything else you may need for vaporization. Titanium E-nails provide heady dabs for most guests. If you have your own nail, or quartz coil-compatible banger, we can fit that too!

In the market for a new rig or need to pick one up just for the day? The Coffee Joint features glass at competitive prices. Whether it’s our Famous ’14er for $14 or something just right for you, ask our hosts for information on picking out the right rig for you!

Find yourself in search of more flavor in your concentrates? A Quartz banger will bring out the most in your terpenes! With the help of an E-nail to vaporize at the lowest temperatures, destruction of product is reduced resulting in stronger effects, better benefits, and far more flavor!

Cannabinoid Vape Temps chart.png
Illustration of most effective temperatures for terpenes and cannabinoids.

Concentrates are not everyone’s game. If you prefer dry herb, The Coffee Joint carries the Seshgear Commute, the Quant, and the latest devices from Pax. The last two are equipped for a high end experience for both Dry herb and Concentrate vapors. The Commute is an economic option with strong standards: this device features a ceramic trench, glass mouthpiece, and lightweight for easy travel for just $50!

The Quant Vaporizer


For about $170 the Quant features the most flavor with the best air flow through two quartz trenches and silicone seals! The LCD screen allows you to select a specific temperature compared to the frequented presets featured in most devices. Quant finishes with a beautiful marble or wood grain texture and a natural shape for comfort.
The Coffee Joint of course carries all current Pax devices including the Pax 3 and the Pax Era. Select yours based on your needs between concentrates and dry herb.

1136 Edibles.jpg
Just some of 1136 Yuma’s Edibles

1136 Yuma keeps a massive edibles cache with all the brands you have heard of and plenty you haven’t!
Incredibles, Coda, High Desert Cannabis, Cheeba Chews, Lucky Turtle, Binske, Leafs by Snoop, MarQaha, Tastebudz, Zoots, Wana, Forbidden Fruit, Giving Tree, Stillwater, and the list definitely continues!
CannaCafe products feature infused K-cup coffees and creamers. If you take sugar with your coffee instead, ask about Wonderstix and Ripple Packets in varied rations of CBD:THC! 1136 Yuma will help you achieve the calm alert mornings that pair perfectly with a Denver sunrise.

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