5 Reasons Why CBD-infused Coffee Is Amazing

The potential of CBD-infused coffee can’t be underestimated. With this combination, you will derive the benefits associated with both CBD and caffeine all at once. If you are thinking of trying out something new then CBD-infused coffee should be the next thing for you. You can as well think of extracting hash with the new dry ice hash recipe to fulfil your Cannabis enthusiasm or just for the fun of it.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the many chemicals which can be extracted from cannabis strains such as GrapeFruit haze. The well-known chemical in Marijuana plants is the THC. While it’s true that the THC has some medical benefits, it comes with some side effects such as dry mouth and drowsiness which makes this less appealing to many people.

The CBD chemical is quite different from the THC chemical, although its molecular structure does not differ much from that of THC. The amazing thing with CBD is that it carries many medical benefits and does not have psychoactive effects associated with THC. It has many applications in the medical field and is increasingly gaining attention among those seeking natural remedies to their health conditions.

One of these healthy applications is infusing CBD into coffee to strike a better balance between CBD benefits and caffeine benefits.

Below are 5 reasons why CBD-infused coffee is just amazing.

  1. CBD and Caffeine are Powerful Antioxidants

Oxidation process in the body leads to the release of toxic compounds in the blood. This oxidation is caused by free radicals within the circulatory system. The natural body cleansing system which includes the kidneys and the liver make effort to remove these toxins out of the body. But when these toxins are in excess, the kidneys may be overworked and lead to kidney complications. At the same time, excess toxins in the body affect the skin’s glow and quicken the ageing process.

CBD and caffeine are both known to have antioxidant properties. They thus lower the level of free radicals in the circulatory system. Thus a long term use of CBD infused coffee will help you naturally manage the toxins in the body and maintain good health for a longer and more active life.

  1. CBD Counteracts the Negative Effects of Caffeine

The caffeine contained in Coffee is a stimulant while the CBD oil extracted from Cannabis strains such as GrapeFruit haze is an antidepressant. This implies that these two compounds have opposing effects on the brain. Added to this, caffeine has certain negative effects especially when taken in large quantities. It is known to cause excessive anxiety and stress.

Since CBD is antidepressant and has negative mental effects to that of coffee, it will help you minimize the anxiety and stress associated with excessive consumption of caffeine. Therefore, if you frequently suffer from anxiety and stress but you still want to enjoy your home-brewed coffee, consider infusing a few drops of CBD oil in your beverage.

  1. A CBD-Caffeine Combination has Re-energizing Effects

It’s true that caffeine will re-energize you and make you feel more revitalized to handle your daily tasks. But it will even be better if you infuse a little CBD oil into your coffee. The caffeine in the coffee will keep you awake and alert while the CBD oil will give you a sense of calmness and wellbeing. The result will be a synergized effect which will propel you further and increase your energy significantly. This is what you need to navigate through a busy and pressure-filled day.

  1. Caffeine and CBD Work Together for Improved Mental Clarity and Focus

Do you handle tasks which require high concentration levels? Or are you that guy who has a difficult time controlling your mind from drifting from the task at hand? I know it’s quite disappointing when you want to concentrate and focus on a task but your mind is constantly shifting to other non-urgent things. Try taking CBD infused coffee and improve your mental focus and clarity.

  1. The Combination Improves Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system is one of the most vital systems in the body. Diseases and health complications associated with the cardiovascular system are difficult to treat, are life-threatening, and remove a significant level of joy in life. Thus you should make every effort to improve your cardiovascular health by eating healthy, through physical exercises, and by use of natural remedies which have been proven to work.

One of these natural remedies is CBD infused coffee. This chemical combination works by lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. In addition to this, these chemicals prevent the deposition of fat in the epithelial layer of arteries and the heart.


The benefits associated with CBD infused coffee are quite wide. Taking such will help detoxify your body by removing free radicals and toxins, counteract the negative effects of caffeine and keep your body energized throughout the day. You will also enjoy enhanced mental clarity and have better cardiovascular health.


Written by: Nancy Fernandez


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