Colorado's First Licensed Social Consumption Lounge

The Coffee Joint was the first of its kind in the state of Colorado a social cannabis consumption lounge that was licensed properly on the state and local levels.  Following local guidelines, patrons to our space may only dab, vape, or consume edibles; anything that results in an open flame or smoke is prohibited by “The Colorado Clean Air Act”, and other local laws.

In addition to our retail and lounge aspirations, our management and employees have a dedication to the de-stigmatization of cannabis and continued education surrounding the topics of marijuana and addiction in general. With education as a part of our mission statement, our website has been designed with the goal of creating quality enlightening content.

Our website contains a blog, a podcast, and  series of education pages housing va variety of videos and resources orbiting the many topics that marijuana hits home to. If you are in the Denver metro area make sure to pay us a visit! Check out our online store for Airopro batteries!

The Coffee Joint in the Media

The Coffee Joint, a social consumption lounge in Denver, is known for regularly hosting workshops and networking events. Since it can’t host them in person right now, it’ll be moving some events online to celebrate the holiday.

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Denver's only licensed pot lounge is going online instead. "We will have live podcasts with different guests, games and giveaways on Saturday, Sunday and Monday," explains co-owner Rita Tsalyuk, who says all of the fun will be streamed on the Coffee Joint's website and social-media pages.

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Award-winning Denver novelist Gregory Hill will be talking about the close relationship between writing and insobriety at the Coffee Joint, Denver’s first licensed social consumption club and coffeehouse, on Friday, December 13.

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Denver Novelist Gregory Hill: This Is Your Literature on Drugs Westword | TEAGUE BOHLEN

The licensing process has been slow and arduous, however, and currently there is only one such business in the entire city: The Coffee Joint, which is next door to a dispensary. Before the new state law can have any impact in Denver, the city will have to write rules expanding what is currently allowed.

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New Law Finally Authorizes Cannabis Cafés in Colorado, the First State to Allow Recreational Sales Reason | JACOB SULLUM

The Coffee Joint is a unique space with a mini convenience store inside with snacks, tea and other beverages. They have private rooms for games, TV watching and hosting a variety of events. It's also right next door to a partnering dispensary, so if you forget to BYOC, you can pop next door before the class starts to stock up.

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"We sell CBD, we show local artists, we have bunch of events, but most importantly, you can consume cannabis products. You can vape, you can dab, you can have edibles, you just can't cannot smoke because we are still under the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act." As of now, Tsalyuk will wait until her state license is approved, but until Denver makes a decision, she is on hold.

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