Joint Rolling 101

Joint Rolling 101

The smoke circle is a tradition passed down through generations that connects us all. This time old ritual starts with one very important element, the joint. For many stoners learning to roll a joint is a badge of honor on their path of cannabis discovery. But with so many ways to consume its easy for newbies to skip this important skill set.

Follow along as we take you through the whole process step-by-step of rolling a proper joint. All you’ll need is your favorite strain, some rolling papers and crutch (filer). Other optional supplies that help would be a rolling tray, grinder and a pen (or some object you can use to manipulate and pack your joint.

Step 1: Grind your cannabis
You will need to break your cannabis down until finely even grind. You can use a grinder or grind the old fashioned way by using your fingers. Pro tip: It helps to have enough really finely ground cannabis to pack near the end of your joint. Joints burn more evenly when you tightly pack your cannabis near the crutch and looser towards the end (the part you light).

Step 2: Make a crutch and prepare your canoe
A crutch (filter) is only optional, but it’s easier to roll using one. You can use something as simple as a business card, but we usually like to use RAW perforated gummed tips. To start make a few “zig zag” bends in your crutch that mimic an accordion. By taking the accordion end of your crutch begin and rolling it inside until its a small cylinder. Place your crutch at the end of the paper and fold it the shape of a canoe that’s missing it’s bow. Pro tip: remember it helps to have the crutch placed on your dominant hands side of the paper. This will give you more control of how you shape the joint.

Step 3: Fill your canoe
While holding your crutch and and hollow canoe (gum side facing you) with one hand, sprinkle in your cannabis with the other. Start with around a gram and don’t be afraid to let some fall out as you begin rolling your fingers around the crutch. By placing more pressure on the crutch begin rolling your paper around the cannabis while packing it into a cone shape. Pro tip: It helps to tuck the paper behind your crutch before you start rolling. All you’ll need to do is pinch and fold the paper around the crutch into itself. Cannabis will fall out but don’t worry because you can always repack it.

Step 4: Roll your canoe
As you begin rolling your paper upwards towards the gummed end remember to continually pack the cannabis backwards towards your crutch. Once theres about 1/4 of inch of paper left to roll up, lick the gummed edge and roll it around to stick to itself. Optional: Once you’ve found a desired shape hold your joint vertically (crutch side down) and lightly tap it on the table. This will help the cannabis settle into the shape of your paper.

Step 5: Close your canoe
To close your canoe you’ll need to pinch and twist the end of rolling paper into a tiny point.

Congrats you just rolled a joint! To celebrate light the end of your joint and enjoy!

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