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5 Reasons Why Eating Weed Is Actually Good for Your Health

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It comes as no shock that weed is actually a valuable plant with a lot of benefits.

While we bring this plant out of the dark and into the light, it continues to blow our minds thinking how great the benefits actually are!

Cannabis is widely used in its various forms for its incredible health benefits. From cannabis strains to CBD oil, it has immense potential to change the medical world drastically. Marijuana products are available at marijuana dispensaries.

There is also an option of oral consumption of cannabis.

But, can you eat weed?

Well, it has been in use for the past 5,000 years. Marijuana has an immense history of traditional uses as an industrial material and a botanical medicine all throughout the world since the 19th and 20th centuries. During the 20th century, racial and political factors led to the criminalization of weed, although its legal status is changing now in many countries.

Being a potential health beneficent, weed has become really popular among people around the world.

Is eating marijuana good for you?

To answer this question, let us see 5 benefits availed from eating weed:


  1. Healthy Alternative to Smoking

 Smoking anything isn’t good because inhaling hot smoke causes inflammation of the respiratory system. People who smoke weed, inhale it more deeply into their lungs and end up with four times as much tar than people who smoke cigarettes.

Using weed while cooking has zero drawbacks as compared to smoking as it does not introduce any harmful carcinogens into the lungs. Consuming cooked weed is a better option and has a completely different psychoactive reaction in your body than smoking it. Ingesting weed orally, first metabolized by your liver. It then turns it into a completely different THC which is more potent than regular the THC.

  1. Can Help Fight Cancer

Studies by various researchers have found that the cannabinoids in present in THC are able to isolate and eliminate cancer cells. However, benefits of weed can only be observed when you’ll consume it orally. The constituents of CBD oil gravitates to the densely packed CB2 receptors of the body’s immune system. The immune cells seek out, destroying the cancerous cells.

It also has many positive effects on treating the side effects caused by chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, etc.

  1. High in Antioxidants

Weed is full of antioxidants. People around the world know how to grow weed for such benefits. Just like every other antioxidant, weed is found to be just as powerful. It can protect your body against free radicals which are quite destructive molecular kleptomaniacs. They are deficient molecules that have the ability to capture electrons from other proteins, causing damage to your DNA and other cell structures. Weed also helps you fight against-age related toxicity.

  1. Helps in Pain Relief

CBD oil used for pain provides great relief. Available at medical marijuana dispensaries, oral ingestion of weed helps you locate and neutralize the pain you’re suffering from. It also provides more relief for a longer duration of time. It serves as an alternative for people who have chronic pain who rely on more dangerous and addictive medications.

  1. Rich in Vitamin, Mineral, and Fiber Content

The leaves of raw weed are actually a great natural source of natural vitamins, minerals, and even fiber. Raw weed is high in vitamin C. This helps in boosting the body’s immune system. It also has iron, which is essential for the oxygenation of blood. Quantities of vitamin K are also present which help the body’s blood-clotting functions. In addition, the presence of some amounts of folate helps in restoration and repair of the DNA.

The fiber present in the weed helps improve your body’s digestive health. Calcium on the other side helps strengthen bones. It is also present in weed as one of its constituents.

Weed strains like grape ape kush can also be bought online and are certainly beneficial for health and provide a lot of required nutrients.

Despite of such health benefits, weed is still speculated and frowned upon because of its psychoactive properties, which is attributed to the presence of THC in it. This brings another question-

Can you get high from eating weed?

Cannabis has natural chemicals called cannabinoids. On consumption of weed, these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system. Such an interaction triggers several changes in the body which has an impact on sleep, pain perception, mood and appetite. Feeling high is related to such effects because of the presence of THC.

However, it is known that raw weed does not have THC available. It only contains THCA which is non- psychoactive in nature and converts into THC on being exposed to heat. This process is called decarboxylation and is when the user feels the high.

On eating raw weed, this process is skipped and the user only intakes THCA and not THC. Thus, he/ she doesn’t get high.

It is known the various parts of the cannabis plant are used for health benefits and recreational purposes. Seeds like northern light cannabis seeds and CBD oil, strains are highly popular worldwide.


Written By: Jessica K

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