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Puff, Puff, Cuffs

With great cannabis comes great responsibility. As community members, we owe everyone the respect of being attentive, responsive, and responsible on the roads. In an effort to hold folks accountable, methods of detecting THC levels in consumers have been discussed and tested. Until now, the best tests are thwarted by Axe Body Spray, Altoids, and Clear Eyes. Police often have an easy time catching up to these patient drivers but without a reliable test, often cannot hold the alleviated accountable.

As thorough and ethical studies are finally off the ground, early results from a few have provided breakthroughs in health statistics and product development. One development out of Hound Labs in California may provide the accountability police are looking for on the roads. Mike Lynn, the CEO of Hound Labs, claims his company has produced the first effective Cannabis Breathalyzer.

The breathalyzer samples any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that has naturally bonded to fat cells in the consumer’s saliva. These substances can become airborne by simply exhaling, meeting the parameters for a successful breathalyzer sample. Due to our oral nature, the test samples an amount of THC that dilutes in a couple hours below the required threshold. Basically, we have swished the resin out of our saliva enough that it will not register on the test within the 4 minute testing period.

What does this mean for medical consumption? Regulations still limit medical use to CBD (Cannabidol) based products which do not provide the high, keeping a pilot in control of their personal tran. CBD products are not tested for by this device because are not the psychoactive chemicals in the cannabis plant.

The challenges still to overcome in holding consumers accountable for their consumption mostly lies in topical products. These products are never even cross the tongue and are therefore exempt from registering on this test. Most of these salves, lotions, patches, and other topical solutions provide medical relief through CBD and will not provide a psychoactive high. However those that do can still pack a powerful kick that sneaks up some time after application.

Just for good measure, this device can test for a citizen’s blood alcohol content as well as THC levels in the saliva. At least for the time being, When it comes to stress free, social consumption, there is no place like home. With a bed ready, stocked fridge, control over the remote, and no risk in transport from the couch, home is where my stash is.
Alas, those with wanderlust are not left in the dust. Planes, trains, and automobiles are all still an option. Uber and Lyft services are abundant in Denver and are only topped by cannabis-catering-conductors like Loopr make rounds to popular dispensaries and cannabis tourism locales!

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