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TOTW: Humulene

Terpene of the Week


Terpenes are the organic compounds that are responsible for creating the unique aroma of each individual cannabis plant. However, terpenes do more than just determine the scent finger print, they also provide many therapeutic benefits like their cannabinoid partners, THC and CBD.

Formed by the same shiny, resinous trichomes as cannabinoids, cannabis terpenes also bind to the same endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain and body.


Humulene– one of the main terpenes in hops.

Humulene is also called alpha-caryophyllene.

Humulene secretes aromas similar to craft beer.

Humulene may have subtle earthy, woody aroma with spicey notes.

Humulene is found in clove, basil, hops, sage, ginger, and ginseng.

Humulene is known to have the following therapeutic qualities:

Analgesic  Relieves pain.

Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth.

Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically.

Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.

Anorectic – Appetite suppressant, promotes weight loss.

Common strains with a high Humulene profile:

  • White Widow this hybrid stimulates both conversation and creativity
  • Girl Scout Cookies helpful hybrid for pain, nausea and curbing appetite.
  • Headband a pain-relieving hybrid, creates a slight pressure on head
  • OG Kush a heavily euphoric hybrid known for a wide array of medical benefits
  • ChemDog a cerebral hybrid with a heavy body feeling
  • Gorilla Glue a hybrid with a soothing relaxation





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