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Study Finds Cannabis 100 Times Safer Than Alcohol.. As if the cannabis community didn’t already know!

A little late but science is finally getting the opportunity to back up the claims that cannabis is a super plant for your health and safer for you than many other recreational activities.  Newsweek recently published an article among many others claiming that..

“You are 114 times more likely to die from overdosing on alchohol than you are from cannabis, a recent study has found.

The report, published in Scientific Reports journal, compared the risks associated with 10 substances using the margin of exposure approach. This method compares a lethal dose of the drug with the dosage typically taken by recreational users. Substances tested included alcohol and nicotine, as well as illicit drugs including cocaine, heroin, ecstasy (MDMA) and methamphetamines.

It found that the mortality risk to individuals posed by cannabis was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol. In fact, cannabis was the only substance to be classified as ‘low risk’. In contrast, alcohol posed the highest risk to individuals and was ranked alongside nicotine, cocaine and heroin as ‘high risk’”

To continue reading this article please click the link below. If you like what you read we urge the community to continue research about cannabis education so together we can break the negative stigma against cannabis users.



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