Airo Pro Vaporizer Battery Kit


AiroPro’s advanced ceramic cartridge technology is specifically designed for pure oils and delivers a superior performance and taste.

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AiroPro batteries are vaporizer batteries built for vaporizing cannabis oil cartridges. In order to let you know you are hitting it correctly, the AiroPro vibrates while you pull. Secondly the battery is discreet, with no branding that would show others its purpose. Since the battery comes in two colors, ‘Indigo’ and ‘Carbon’, you get fashionable options. AiroPro cartridges come in THC and CBD varieties. The cartridges are available from online retailers and local dispensaries. They only use consumption safe materials. Aluminum shell protects your cartridge and the magnetic connector helps prevent leaks.
Airopro vaporizer batteries built for vaporizing cannabis oil cartridges battery come with a charger, case, and limited warranty from the manufacturer.
For more information, check out AiroPro’s website.
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